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Client Letters of Recommendation

January 12, 2004

It is a pleasure to write this Letter of Recommendation. We have worked together since 1997. Over the ensuing years I have come to appreciate your competence and skill as a commercial real estate broker. You quickly comprehended the real estate requirements of Public Storage, Inc. and have been very successful at finding site locations that fit those requirements.

You handle contract negotiations effectively and encourage principal to principal contact. You follow through on unresolved contractual issues. When under contract you follow the significant milestone dates and ensure that the parties are paying attention to the relevant issues. You are timely, relevant and accurate in your communications.

Carole Hamlin is a highly competent professional and a pleasure to work with.

Sincerely, Jeffrey B. Jones
Real Estate Representative
Public Storage, Inc.

October 28, 2003

I have not given Carole Hamlin, owner of Baltimore/Washington Retail Brokerage, an assignment that she has not carried out to my expectations. She has completed these assignments in a very professional and expedient manner and exhibited a thorough knowledge of the Baltimore/Washington area – so much so, that I now use her exclusively in the Baltimore area.

Bill Hartman
Vice President of Real Estate

October 1, 2003

Sally Beauty Company assigns large territories to its site selectors for its Sally and Beauty Systems Group stores, and in doing so, oftentimes stretches their ability to visit the markets as often as needed.

Consequently, their reliance on real estate experts in their respective markets is of great importance to their success.

Carole Hamlin has assisted more than one of our site selectors over the past eight years, and to her credit, each one has highly recommended her to another. She has proven time and time again that she is expertly knowledgeable. We have seen her in action, and her honesty, integrity and dogged loyalty to her clients is unmatched. Her contacts within the industry have been an immeasurable resource for us. We need experts like Carole Hamlin in other areas of the country!


James A. Morgan
Director of Real Estate
Sally Beauty Company

October 27, 2003

Carole Hamlin has assisted our growing hotel development and management company, with over 30 properties affiliated with 8 different brands, in locating four sites for hotel development.

Carole’s many contacts in the Baltimore / Washington Region have helped me find locations that we would have otherwise not known about. I have always found Carole to be extremely professional, thorough and extremely persistent. She is an outstanding and valuable member of our development team.

Al Patel – Sr. Vice President of Development
Baywood Hotels, Inc.
7211 Hanover Parkway Suite C-D
Greenbelt, MD 20770

January 21, 2000

Carole Hamlin has been a diligent broker for our needs for the past 2-3 years. She pursues sites in a tenacious, yet professional, manner and is ready to sacrifice the necessary time and energy to make things happen.

I recommend her to any retailer entering the Baltimore/Washington MSA.


David L. Sawyer
Real Estate Manager

February 2, 2000

Carole B. Hamlin has been a most productive broker for CVS in Metro Baltimore and beyond. Carole is a very loyal, knowledgeable, professional broker who is also well versed in the art of closing a deal. I am always confident that Carole will expend the time and energy required to convert an approved location for a CVS store into an operating CVS store.

Carole can be trusted at all times, an endorsement that I can say is paramount to me and the management of CVS.


Peter F. Pecoraio
Vice President of Real Estate
Mid-Atlantic Region
CVS Realty, Co.

January 28, 2000

Carole Hamlin has provided real estate services and representation to my staff and me both at Staples and The Sports Authority. I found her to be an extremely knowledgeable broker with tireless entrepreneurial spirit that resulted in a conclusion of numerous stellar transactions.

Her efforts helped to firmly position Staples as a powerful retailer in the Baltimore / Washington markets. I look forward to working with her in the future as she evolves through this new phase in her profession.


Henry Flieck
Executive Vice President
Growth & Development

January 19, 2000

I have known Carole Hamlin, owner of Baltimore / Washington Retail Brokerage, since 1996. Carole brokered two specialty strip deals for Yankee Candle Company, Annapolis and White Marsh, Maryland. Currently she is working on several new locations for Yankee Candle in the Baltimore / Washington markets.

Carole is very thorough, consistent, objective, and presents herself well. She is knowledgeable about her market and understands the Yankee Candle Company business. I will continue to use Carole to broker non- mall locations for Yankee Candle in the Baltimore / Washington market.

I would highly recommend Baltimore / Washington Retail Brokerage.


Anthony P. Villani
Vice President of Retail Development
Yankee Candle Company

January 2000

Carole Hamlin has represented me for the last four years, while I was a Real Estate Representative for Sally Beauty Company in the Baltimore/Washington marketplace. Carole is a professional in the real estate industry who understands how to get a deal done. She knows her markets and the Landlord contacts. During the time we worked together she only pursued quality sites. We concluded many deals at rents acceptable to the management of my employer.

Because of change of companies and territories, I am no longer using her services, but I would not hesitate to use Carole again, if I was again working in the Baltimore/Washington marketplace.


Neil D. Bovshow
Real Estate Representative
Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.

24 January, 2000

Re: The Casual Male Big & Tall / Repp Premier Big & Tall / Repp Ltd. Big & Tall

I am pleased to add my name to those who have had the pleasure of working with Carole Hamlin these past number of years. I have always admired her persistence, which is what drew me to here at the outset. Add to that her professionalism and knowledge and you have "The Consummate Real Estate Pro."

Robert J. Schoen
Vice President - Real Estate (East)

Carole Hamlin has assisted me in finding several locations for my growing company of natural food stores. I have always found Carole to be a true professional, always making sure that all of the needs of my company are met whether looking for a new location or negotiating a lease. Her ability to draw on her years of experience in the industry and to pinpoint areas that would work for my business have saved me both time and money. I would highly recommend Carole to both new and expanding companies.

Working with her is always a pleasure.

Elizabeth Dicks - owner
Healthway Natural Foods


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